Pricing - Indie Image STL

Hourly Production Rates

1 Hour Photography = $150 *

- Includes 24 - 48 Hour turnaround time

- 3 High Res Images with full usage rights 

(Negotiable based on industry and intended usage of images)

- 10 Low Res Watermarked Images for Web Posting

(amount of images guaranteed is dependent on the type of shoot, i.e. event photography will receive more images due to the nature of those shoots)

1 Hour Videography = $300 *

- Includes 48 - 72 Hour turnaround time

- Includes 1 fully edited piece of video content

(length is dependent upon project needs)

- 1 "promo piece" :10 - :15 in length for social media posting

- Full usage rights of deliverables

* Additional costs may be applied depending on the needs of the client to ensure we have a successful shoot. 

The above pricing reflects a standard rate card for services, each client will receive a photo agreement that outlines the details that are unique to their project. Photo agreements are required to be signed by the client, and delivered back to Indie Image STL within 48 hours prior to the shoot for services to be fulfilled. 

Please contact us today to discuss booking your shoot with Indie Image STL, LLC!

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